Tunng - Good Arrows

Remember that brilliant sequence in Delicatessen in which disparate rhythms - the clack of knitting needles, a ceiling being painted, bed springs squeaking during a bout of coitus - are layered to quirky effect? Tunng, now on their third album with Good Arrows, create in a similar way. Their gently experimental, softly psychedelic brand of folk music is seemingly built on what-the-fuck-is-that-instrument? creaks and found sounds. The crackle of a fire, the crow of a cockerel and emergency vehicle sirens are amongst the accompaniments to acoustic guitar picking and vocals you can actually make out.

Which is nice, since the lyrics are rather intriguing. Bullets, for example, combines sinister words ("our blood and guts are out/ we spread our bones across the table at night"), a jolly rhythm, a strong melody, a cuckoo clock, machine-gun fire and even Simon and Garfunckel style nah-nah-nahs. It competes with Take (ripe with clickety-clackety rhythms and sprinkled with electronica) for best weird-pop moment on the album.

Good Arrows in its entirety manages, perhaps unsurprisingly, to be more interesting and inventive than involving. Still, one can imagine teams of cagouled mushroom pickers humming these tunes come October as patterns come alive in the fields.



out of 10
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