TTC - 3615

If hip hop act, TTC, weren't French, chances are you would have heard of them by now. 3615 is their third album and, in the spirit of keeping up with the Americans, is an impressively produced affair, even if this goes hand-in-hand sometimes with knowingly cheap. Think Justin Timberlake’s current single, My Love, and you’re in the same ballpark, with a future sound built on retro electronics.

This is a record packed full of creeping hooks; from the odd high-pitched noise on Quand Je Claque Des Doigts to the sweet female vocals that constitute the chorus of Antenne 2. It's varied in feel and the overriding impression is TTC are having fun rather than taking things seriously. Frotte Ton Cul Par Terre would seem to be a skit on the hokey kokey backed by cheesy rave synths. Unfortunately, if, like me, you have a limited knowledge of French, your appreciation of 3615 is going to be somewhat affected. Still, there is an undeniable freshness here which might make it worth checking out anyway.



out of 10
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