Trojan Sound System - Rebel Stories

Mix reggae tunes of various vintage with some new effects, vocals and MCing over the top, and you have Rebel Stories, mimicing the live Jamacian-style DJ experience. Trojan Sound System, duo Earl Gateshead and Daddy Ad, deliberately selected a blend of familiar and less well known tracks for this release. Regardless of recognisability, there's little doubt over the quality of the music utilised here. Police and Thieves, of course, is wonderful. I Love Marijuana (hey, don't beat around the bush) is another highlight, having that classic deep, dubby feel. This is counterbalanced by the inclusion of more modern sub-genres, of which the ragga of Admiral Bailey's No Wey Better Than Yard is perhaps the most conspicuous. With so many reggae compilations cluttering the shelves, Rebel Stories is a worthy deviation from the usual format.



out of 10
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