Triniti - Rose on Water

Triniti are three young ladies from Dublin who have apparently become the recipients of the biggest record contract ever awarded to a new band from Ireland. Eve, Laura and Sharon are all in their early twenties and Universal records have invested some 5 million euros in a six album deal. The three girls don't use surnames, sing barefoot and this debut single is completely useless.

It came as no surprise to see that the producer, Ross Callum, has worked with the likes of Clannad. The title track has that insipid asthmatic vocal synonymous with that sound, drenched in theme pub Irish musak. It really is terrible and without any appeal whatsoever.

The second track on the CD is not much better; similar to Rose on the Water,
Salve is just more of the same, breathless vocals, with a Diet Irish sound. Triniti have their debut album coming out at the end of the month, and are accompanying G4 on tour. It’s unlikely though that you'll see me there.



out of 10
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