Travie McCoy - Lazarus

Lazarus is the debut release from Travie McCoy, former boyfriend of Katy Perry and frontman of middle-of-the-road rap-rock band, Gym Class Heroes. Best known for their 2006 release ‘As Cruel as School Children’ GCH have since taken a break in order for McCoy to solidify his status as a rapping-rock star - or at least try to.

There are moments on this debut where McCoy gets it just right. Opener ‘Dr. Feel Good’ featuring Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley fame, is aptly named as it is a slice of feel good hip-pop, with lead single ‘Billionaire’ is another fine example. Joined by ‘can-do-no-wrong’ Bruno Mars - who was last seen lending his vocals to B.o.B’s 'Nothin' On You' smash - this top 10 hit will no doubt be on the radio airwaves for weeks to come. Uplifting and brimming with summer time vibes, ‘Billionaire’ is annoyingly infectious, with its slow guitar riff and smooth vocals making it difficult to not find yourself singing along. However, at times McCoy misses the mark in trying to create a full-blown rap-rock album. In tracks such as ‘We’ll be Alright’ and ‘After Midnight (It’ll Burn)’ the rap-rock mix has come out sounding more teeny-bopper than the edgy rock star sound McCoy is presumably aiming for.

Although McCoy has the right people helping him, Lazarus seems to be just an extension of what Gym Class Heroes could be doing, which makes you wonder why they’re not. Travie’s search for stardom as a solo artist hits the spot at times but is otherwise guided by his search for celebrity, rather than producing what could have been a more substantial solo offering.



out of 10
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