Tom Vek - We Have Sound

Tom Vek – We Have Sound

We Have Sound is a sonic exploration of an aural chocolate assortment box, delights aplenty here with a dexterous talent to boot. Vek played every instrument on We Have Sound and has created something so unpredictable, so stimulating yet so very funky, it is downright tasty.

Featuring last month’s single, I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes, Vek showed his grasp on what makes a song pop, yet he twisted the idea and embraced an electro punk edge and deliberate style with a powerful bass line that gives this number a much deeper groove, which on this level shows a deep appreciation for funk.

The experimental impression that is undercurrent throughout We Have Sound gives the feeling that the album in on the edge of unpredictability where a surprise direction could take place at any moment.

In Vek’s single released last year, If You Want, the simplicity of both the vocal and bass lines with a basic beat has elegance in the funk and much unlike the more complex tracks such as A Little Word In Your Ear, If I Had Changed My Mind or Lower Than The Sun.

Vek’s sound is so unlike anything else, it is even unlike itself except for the understandable common sounding instruments throughout, socially relevant lyrics and Vek’s deep authoritative yet personable voice.

Lyrically, Vek knows how to blend simple poignant verses with the ordered chaos of the noises making the melodies – a bubbling pot of funk punk electro kept just below boiling point. His style lyrically and musically is so blended that it is hard to distinguish what noise is the most effective yet together they work and make an entirely riveting listening experience.



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