Tom Odell - Long Way Down

What makes Long Way Down, debut album from Tom Odell, really stand out is his magnificent voice. Yes, the tunes are lovely and well crafted, and the musicianship is second to none. Yet, like mild mannered Peter Parker when he dons that Spiderman suit, the transformation that occurs when this handsome, boyish fellow starts to sing is nothing short of remarkable. You imagine Odell could turn his hand to any song and make it sound extra special.

So the 11 songs on LWD are all pretty damn fine. Influenced by the 70s piano giants like Elton John and Leon Russell, Odell has penned an impressive collection of heartbreak songs beautifully executed and powerfully delivered. Unrequited love, breakups, longing, languishing, it's all here. Some of the tracks will be familiar to the already initiated: 'Another Love', 'Can't Pretend' (one the the highlights from his live shows) and raucous lead single 'Hold Me'. Other gems include the soulful title track and the sumptious Tom Waits-inspired 'I Think It's Going To Rain Today' sung in Odell's deep, rich baritone.

For someone so young Long Way Down is a crowning achievement, Odell successfully defying the the hype and proving he is a consummate musician and performer here for the long run. There is nowhere to go but up.



out of 10

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