This Et Al - Sabbatical

It's becoming increasingly difficult to distance yourself from the crowd. Bands are becoming more likely to follow trends rather than making the music that they want to; music that is a little different, music that makes you want to sit up and take notice. This Et Al has succeeded where plenty of others have failed - from the very moment the play button was pressed I was mesmerised.

Taking pinches of influence from some of the great indie-rock bands of the past 10 years or more, this is more than the some of its parts. The edgy guitars of Sabbatical sounding like current Leeds favourites Forward, Russia but the vocals more prominent; darker, urgent. In fact there's an air of darkness about it, the production slightly muddied but the different guitars parts floating and steaming along at different levels. B-side Solemn As My Rifle has the dense sound of ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, great walls of guitars and fuzz, before it leans to more post-punk territory with an jerky, edgy guitar sound and then back again to the wall of guitars.

It's all great alternative/indie-rock that has an edge to it, something slightly different that makes you sit up and take notice. With a debut album not out till next year, all you can hope is that they can keep it up.



out of 10
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