Their Hearts Were Full of Spring - How I Wasted My Youth

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring combine a folksy, homemade feel with a clean cut indie style. On How I Wasted My Youth there are experimental electro sound bytes. There are tracks infused with a charming quality, tracks that are very much in love with lyrics about being alone. There are homemade melodies that sound like they were dreamt up in the 60s. And the bare twinkling innocence of a xylophone merges with dirty indie guitar.

THWFoS love classic and reassuringly heartfelt melodies as exemplified in sunshiny "New Favourite Band." Another definite highlight is the understated, lo-fi loveliness of "Record Breaker", with endearing glimmers of xylophone, lazy vocals and folksy hand claps. Sleepy and loved-up “Fire Eyes” comes complete with mouth organ interlude!

Single “St Cecilia” (to be released in November) has an incurably addictive melody on the chorus that sounds a little bit Fratellis. “How I Wasted My Youth” is a strange and seemingly curious amalgamation of styles, a mixed up bunch of deep yet delicate, dark yet innocent. This is music from a more innocent time.

I’d like to see these guys live just to make sure that THWFoS haven’t lost sight of the very rare and valuable, heartfelt, homemade "something" they possess which mainstream indie usually misses. It certainly doesn't seem like they've lost sight of their souls just yet. Strongly recommended.




out of 10
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