Thee Unstrung - Psycho

How pissed off do you have to be to make it in rock’n’roll nowadays? Poptones would say very…

Poptones have had much underground success with the pissed off rockers. The Others, and of course the stellar success of the Libertines have done them so proud that another working-class-hero-band such as Thee Unstrung would not hurt the money making machine. And perhaps Thee Unstrung wouldn’t hurt a fly, if its derivative nature refuses to dominate any originality they may have.

Now with Mercury, as a result or not, the derivative nature is strong. In Psycho the rock bops and the chorus is happy like a 1950s jive, yet on closer inspection, the lyrics are sinister, corrupted and downright, well, psycho…

To find its originality is to hear the lyrics - She was a Psycho and held a gun to my head, well, I pulled the trigger cos I wanted to be dead. Yet with the back up vocals bopping ba-ba-ba-ba’s and the high spirited rock bouncing away underneath like the music wasn’t anything out if the ordinary, the violent Resevoir Dogs scene to the tune of Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel comes to mind.

These new London based working class heroes do not inspire anything different on the surface, but as apparent in their latest single Psycho, Hades is lurking beneath to pull you under.



out of 10
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