The Xcerts - Live at King Tut's'

It barely seems a few weeks since The Xcerts arrived on the scene with their debut album; that’s probably because it is barely a few weeks since they released In The Cold Wind We Smile. It could be considered to be a trifle premature to be releasing a live album but in these post internet days, where quality control and traditional expectations are sailing down the river without a paddle, anything is possible.

Live at King Tut’s' is a perfectly passable record of an apparently unremarkable hometown gig. What it lacks in production values - albeit mixed by Dave Eringa - it makes up for in earnest spirit and by God are these boys earnest. Everything seems to be so serious and, well, rather beige in their universe and listening to Aberdeen 1987 one wonders why they joined a rock 'n' roll band if it wasn’t to actually have some fun. Two albums released in a few short months and already they are here on record slating the music business for being soul destroying and awful. Do yourselves a favour lads and listen to some Bay City Rollers or something. Just Go Home with its bouncy refrain at least gives us some hope that they occasionally smile.

Available through iTunes, this album (which features some new interpretations of familiar tracks) will keep Xcerts fans happy but it unlikely to convert anyone to the cause as it lacks the subtlety and dynamics of their studio effort. This unexpected release represents a punctuation mark in the development of the band. They are up against some serious competition so their next album will be critical.



out of 10
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