The Weather Station - Ignorance

The Weather Station - <i>Ignorance</i>

For her first album in four years Tamara Lindeman (aka The Weather Station) has woven a luscious set of songs, that dance with saxophone, and glide with their rhythm section. It's groovy while keeping its edge. And lyrically hits home with a thump.

The Canadian has talked about the impact of climate change on the content of the album, and that's at the core of the lyrics. Musically though, this is the pinnacle of her growth over the last ten or so years. There's a composure and maturity to the music that somehow manages to not be too dry. Along with the lyrical content, this could have been one of those albums that reviews well but leaves you cold. Rest assured it isn't. It's full of warmth, be it on the lush strings and bass on the likes of 'Wear' or the 'I Am The Walrus'-era Beatles vibes on 'Loss', while Lindeman's voice cuts through each song with glacial precision.

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out of 10

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