The Used - The Canyon

Every so often a particular genre becomes popular incredibly quickly, blindsiding the music industry and changing the landscape of peoples lives. Just like grunge in the 90's, emo was the genre that shook the post-teen musical scene back in the mid-00s. Travelling the world side by side were bands like My Chemical Romance, the heavyweights of the genre, alongside their brothers from other mothers, The Used. With My Chemical Romance now chiseled into the annuls of rock history, nobody ever thought The Used would be the long-lost survivors when Emo died a death. It's kind of like when Pearl Jam outlasted Nirvana...

Having recently celebrated their 15th anniversary, The Used return with double album The Canyon, and just like canyons in real life, this album is huge. Spanning two CD's or four vinyl discs, the record is an expansive, emotionally wrought album with a surprisingly emotional core. We still get the off-kilter jagged rhythms that The Used are well known for and having joined the band in 2015 this is the first new music to include guitarist Justin Shekosi, formerly of Saosin, who brings a fresh flavour to the already tight musical powerhouse sound the band possess after so many years together.

With recently single 'Over and Over Again' being the lead track and opening with a surprisingly heartfelt acoustic number about fatherhood, the double album is a 78 minute musical journey through the back catalogue of The Used but one which brings new musical challenges ranging from crooning to vocal ticks to everything in between, the album could quite easily be the first Greatest Hits album made by a band that consists of entirely new, challenging music.


The emo band that survived against all the odds return with a challenging double album with a fresh outlook.


out of 10
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