The Tyde - Three's Co.

Admirers of Teenage Fanclub's sunny guitar pop or The Jesus and Mary Chain's mellower moments will want to check out Los Angeles based band, The Tyde. With singer Darren Rademaker's surfing obsession, it's perhaps unsurprising that this is music best suited to summer.

Three's Co. follows albums called Once and Twice, and the naming is indicative of the content. There's no attempt to make a big impression, never mind break new ground, yet perhaps this easy familiarity is what makes the record disarmingly appealing. Do It Again Again, for example, has that same classic feel as Sparky's Dream; Separate Cars strikes a weary note similar to Just Like Honey. However, like a breeze on a hot day, the pleasures of Three's Co. seem very much of the moment and I doubt will stick in the mind long after.

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