The Tacticians - Some Kind Of Urban Fulfilment LP

According to the press release The Tacticians have been compared with The Kinks.

Excepting the obvious hits, I know nothing about The Kinks other that I once had a curry with Dave Davies and a whole bunch of his friends in the wealthy satellite village of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire.

How I ended up in such company is a whole strange story. Suffice to say I had prawn vindaloo and no idea what to say to Mr Davies, I therefore concentrated on listening to him recounting anecdotes about how the band used to rip the piss out of their keyboard player.

One time the bone tickler was so drunk, they deposited both him and his matress in the lift and he spent the whole night zooming up and down between floors, oblivious...

Anyway, how about this LP from The Tacticians?

Well, there's some OK lyrics here. There's tales of being skint, struggling and striving to make it - to reach the dream.

The tunes are simple and rather predictable. It's the 3 boys in the band routine. Guitar, bass, drums. It's straight ahead light indie, rock, pop. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing new..

If you're a fan of the Paul Weller school of classic, honest, hard working busker band thing, you may like them. If you like things a little more adventurous probably not...

I'm struggling to say too much more because I'm afraid I sit in the latter camp...

So there we go: The Tacticians



out of 10
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