The Strokes - Heart In A Cage

There's not much to say about The Strokes that hasn't been said before and there's certainly not much I can add to the arguments to be honest. After releasing two great albums, they've decided to grow up... And it hasn't exactly worked out. Although First Impressions of Earth went to number one in the album charts, I think it was more out of hope than actual fact that it could reach the dizzy heights of it's predecessors.

So a second single is released off the disappointing album and it is one of the better tracks from it. It's one of the few tracks that did what The Strokes were good at - a 3 minute burst of jangly guitars, Julian's slurred vocals and nonsense lyrics about "hearts in cages"... Sure it's Strokes by numbers, but there's an urgency to it that's lacking elsewhere on the album. It's good then, but not great.

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