The Secret Sisters – Saturn Return

If there’s something in music that’s timeless and endlessly satisfying it’s the sound of two voices perfectly in harmony. The last 60 years is littered with examples of vocal duos, and the return of The Secret Sisters cements their place in that conversation. The standout thing about Saturn Return is the absolute perfectness of Laura and Lydia’s voices, expertly put together by Brandi Carlile and Phil & Tim Hanseroth, who produced the duo for the second time, the duo sings together, and apart, in a departure from their previous albums where they exclusively harmonised. The songs range from up-tempo romps like ‘Silver’ to verging-on-rock-song ‘Cabin’, and ‘Hand Over My Heart’ is a terrific slice of indie-pop, by way of folky harmonies, and ‘Hold You Dear’ is a song of real quality.

Max Mazonowicz

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

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