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Edinburgh band The Scars sprung out of the City's Post Punk scene and consisted of Robert King on vocals, Paul Research on lead guitar, John Mackie on bass, and Calum Mackay on drums.
Their debut single "Adultery" / "Horrorshow" was released in 1979 on Fast Records, with both tracks showcasing the bands raw and gritty live performances.
A further two singles were released in 1980. "They came and took her" and "Love song" both kept the bands edge but with a slightly more polished sound.
The Scars released their album "Author! Author!" in 1981.
Flirting with the New Romantic look the band appeared on the back of the album's sleeve looking like they had just stepped out of the pages of "ID" magazine.
Their appearance was deceptive as the contents of the album rewarded the listener with much more than Duran or Spandau copyists.
Album opener "leave me in the Autumn" starts the proceedings off with a great bass intro before Paul Research's guitar comes crashing in.
Although an umptempo song the lyrics concern a doomed romance with the anguish shining through in Robert King's voice.
Second track "Fear of the dark" keeps the momentum rumbling along with it's pounding drum chorus,slowing down for "Aquarama with it's "Edge" like guitar slowly transforming to something from a John Barry spy film, the songs ending cymbals shimmering into the following song "David" which features one of the best intakes of breath ever commited to vinyl!
The original side one closer "Obsessions" starts slowly before changing gear, resembling the theme tune to a particularly manic 60's police show.
Side two's openers "Everywhere I go" and "The lady in the car with glasses and a gun" start proceedings of slowly leading to yet more anguish from frontman Robert King, singing about a dead lover in "Je taime c'est la mort".
A poem by Peter Porter is the basis for "Your attention please" as King reads the vocals concerning a potential nuclear strike backed by the rest of the band, his delivery getting more frantic and aggressive as the song progresses.
The Scars have a habit on the album of mixing downbeat lyrics with an upbeat feel, especially on album closer and the only single to come from "Author! Author!" - "All about you".
Although critically acclaimed at the time of release "Author! Author!" has flown under the radar due to it's only availabilty for two decades being on vinyl, found in second hand shops
The band are still fondly remembered though.
Lemon Jelly used a large chunk of "Horrorshow"as part of their single "79 - The shouty track" on their most recent album, with several Scars members joining the band onstage for their Edinburgh show.
The new CD packaging is similiar to the original release with the inner sleeve artwork inside the booklet.
Alongside the album tracks are eight extra songs,including the single version of "All about you", their Steve Harley cover "Psychomodo" from the B' side of "Love song" and their version of David Essex's "Silver dream machine" which was originally an extra track on the cassette version of "Author Author!".
The original album is one of my all time favourites so it's a dream to get a shiny new remastered version.
If The Scars were a new band they would be heralded as musics new saviors though they may be accused of ripping off Franz Ferdinand!
The time has come to delete your poor quality MP3's, throw away your CDR's and embrace the new CD release of "Author! Author! with all your heart!

The album is available now from Amazon and The Scars My Space page and is an essential purchase.




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