The Rocks - Can You Hear Me?

Why are 'The Rocks' different from any one of the other bands of bozos currently treading the boards of various venues at the moment? For a start, no one else really manages to marry the aggression and sensibilities of punk with the overblown theatrics of rock 'n' roll with quite as much style, intelligence and humor. 'Can You Hear Me?' is a fine example of their craft opening with massive, hollow sounding drum fills before staccato guitar stabs you in the side of the head. By the time James Taylor’s larynx grating vocal kicks in, The Rocks should have you in the palms of their sweaty rock 'n' roll hands. 'Can You Hear Me?' is a splendid three minutes of punk that morphs into something quite different by the end of the song and captures their range effortlessly. It’s punk but, hey, with added melody and bounce.

'It's Really Bad' is a more straightforward punk 'a' long that's short, messy and lovely. 'Everybody In The Place' is more experimental, and sounds something like 'Ikara Colt' might spew out if they rejected the Fall/Art Rock sensibilities. It sounds slightly less overwhelming than the title track here, but rounds of the single nicely and it finishes with a nice bit of sweary boasting from Taylor, ‘We can make a fucking horrible noise when we want to’ and they certainly can. It’s not a whole lot dissimilar from many other bands around at the moment, to be sure, but there’s something endearingly innocent and fun (remember that?) about The Rocks that you can’t really fake. It’s either there or it isn’t and with The Rocks, it most certainly is there in abundance.

You can order this online from Rough Trade and you'll find The Rocks own website here.



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