The Rain - Involver

The word on every musical street i know is that the big record companies are doomed. And whereas it might sound like a new era of golden unarsehole music love is on it's way as a result of this fall, we all know if we're being serious that new tyrants will replace the old and that nothing fundamental has or will ever change in the music business..

Music attracts arseholes because aresholes like the cool ticket music has, and no ammount of myspace pages or cdr releases is going to change that by even a tinsey little bit...

What I'm saying is don't be as naive to think that if Warners goes bust, it's employees and directors are gonna become unprofit minded lo-fi fans. Businessmen are businessmen and they're savvy enough to know that if they can't sell cds and cream artists that way, they need to be buying shares in telecoms or in internet service providers or modem manufacturers...

Anyway, once again I digresss (and yes this time I am killing time). What I'm getting around to saying is that if there's anything that can save the majors from becoming back catalouge managers it's them signing good new talent and I'm afraid bands like 'The Rain' aren't it..

So why bother reviewing them?

Well, I asked to review 'The Rain' because I felt there was some vague chance this band might be in some way organic. I tried checking myspace to elminate the possibility of them sounding like they do, but there were about 30 pages of possible matches and this better than anything else illustrates this album and this acts niche and problem..

In short, there is nothing happening on this record that hasn't happenned on many others, most of which have either done it first or executed it better...

Yes boss, Involver is another indie rock record that says 'Come On' too many times. It's another indie rock record on a fake indie rock label. It's another indie rock record made by three lads: guitar, bass and drums. And though it's well executed at what it does and all the boxes are ticked, it has nothing to mark it out and above any similar acts of which there are thousands..

So though I perhaps should, I'm not going to waste my time going into anymore detail than that. If you like anthemic indie rock in the tradition of Muse, The Bluetones, The Charlatans etc you might like this

Otherwise don't bother...



out of 10

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