The Peth - The Golden Mile

The Peth are a side project featuring Rhys Ifans of move fame and Super Furry Animal Dafydd Ieuan.

Rhys Ifans always looks a little uncomfortable, slightly annoyed, confused and liable to either walk into a lamp post or accidentally trip up an old lady. He's a perfectly decent actor, he looks impressive at times and he's reasonably likeable. But with The Peth, Ifans definitely has an awkward moment. On stage he looks like he'd rather be in the crowd and he seems ever-so-slightly uncertain about what he's singing. He doesn't have a bad voice, and at times when it rises above the rest of The Peth's sound you can hear he can sing, but I'm not sure Ifans is totally convinced himself of this feat.

And so, The Golden Mile is a noisy and relatively infectious short punk album with the imagination you would expect from a Super Furry Animal (Dafydd Ieuan) and the raving shambolism of the band's lead singer, Ifans. The opening track, Half a Brain, is a good start and warms you to The Peth's ability to generate a good sound while crashing various noises over Ifan's vocals generates a decent song. But the band's 'side-project licence' to produce stuff that isn't all that great is there for all to see with "Let's Go F****** Mental", which is just a bit pants and outdated.

But let's be under no illusions, this isn't a record to crash the charts and break headway. It's a release made possible by a bunch of friends who clearly like larking around together and it produces a few songs that aren't a detriment to the world. Taking everything into account, what's wrong with that?



out of 10
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