The Parlotones - RadioControlledRobot

When the press release feels the need to mention Ocean Colour Scene, and furthermore a Noel Gallagher defence of them, one might be forgiven for fearing the worst. You see, despite being hugely popular in their home country of South Africa, The Parlotones find themselves having to graft their way up in the UK by opening for the where-are-they-now? retro-rockers at some forthcoming gigs.

The good news is there's nothing on Radiocontrolledrobot quite deserving of such hellish punishment. The worst that can be said is that it's a typical modern day "indie" rock album. Bouncy single, Louder Than Bombs, given some UK radio exposure, is the kind of thing that should go down well with fans of The Killers looking for a new place to put their pound. Beautiful sounds a lot like James. There's plenty of craft, polish and melody here, but, for older listeners at least, it's perhaps a bit too familiar to get excited about.



out of 10
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