The Park Race - Grape / Yeh (Hey)

The Home Counties are not exactly known as the hot-bed of popular music. High Wycombe had Howard Jones in the 80’s. Thousand Yard Stare came out of Slough. Kind of proves my point, don’t you think? And now out of the tiny town of Chesham we have The Park Race, who release their debut download single as part of Shifty Disco’s “Single’s Club”. For a penny short of a pound you get two songs, wildly different to each other, and both in their own way utterly wonderful.

What is great about these two songs is that they are worlds apart from each other. It showcases intelligent, creative pop, the sort that The Boo Radley’s used to do so well. These songs would sit easily on Giant Steps, the Boos seminal album from the early 90’s, a diverse mix of songs full of character and charm.

Grape is summer pop, indie with a tinge of folk, full of brightness and clarity. Vocalist Simon Dwight has a thick, full voice, rich and soulful amid the summery atmosphere. As a song it is light and frothy, but still has a lot of substance and heaps of character.

Yeh (Hey) on the other hand could not be more different, a rollicking toboggan ride of circling drums and rhythms, the vocal rotating around the music in a thunderous rush of noise. Its music to get the pulse racing and sounds very cool indeed.

Now is the time for British pop music to rise up and cease the moment. Lets kick Orson all the way back to Vegas. We simply don’t need them. Whether they can compete with the big boys remains to be seen, but for an up and coming band, The Park Race show with these two songs why they are a country mile away from your average pub band.

You can purchase this double A-side download from Shifty Disco for only 99p.

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