The Paddingtons - Panic Attack

Holding onto a scintilla of originality in the opening verse of their second single, Panic Attack, The Paddingtons are treading some well crossed water. With so many nods to the East London scene of waifs and strays that rock out as tortured drug afflicted soldiers howling down microphones as overly rehashed riffs pound in A minor behind them, someone has to say, during band rehearsals maybe, that not everyone has to try to sound like the Libertines…

However, The Paddingtons do have a saving grace. After an unimaginative opening, the track twists and turns and takes Panic Attack into a catchy and unique chorus with a hook to ensure they are not confused with the rest.

This Hull based quintet have supported the Libertines relentlessly and have therefore received the support of Libertines fans thereafter, and with Doherty then asking them to support a tour with the Babyshambles, despite the Paddingtons sometime derivative sound, you can’t ignore that pedigree of urchin rock.



out of 10
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