The Others - William

Dominic Masters has a friend called William. Which is nice. Here, then, is 'The Others' with what must be the oddest song of the year. An ode to the delights of living in London with your best friend - despite the words 'driving down the freeway' making a guest appearance in the song.

Is there a deeper meaning? Is 'William' a metaphor for some deep, uncharted area of the psyche, some sort of coded drug confession or Masters' private nickname for his penis? You decide. There's a sort of weird naivety about the song that might turn some people off completely and the signature vocal riff might make those same people vomit into their laps with the sheer gall of the song.

One of the most intriguing things about The Others is quite why the NME has taken them to heart quite as much as they have. Never mind, 'William' is a great, unpretentious, funny little pop song that doesn’t outstay it's welcome and sounds just unique enough to ensure it stands out in what has become a glut of very average guitar bands. You'll hear it on the radio and you'll know it straight away. Resistence is futile.



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