The Modern - Industry

For a band name with immediate connotations of current trends, The Modern sure does embrace the feeling of life in post revolutionary Russia.

Their previous EP titled Eastern Bloc had pre-1989 Eastern European flavours and with their latest single Industry being about Marxist love found in the factory, as they sing, you can be the one for me, you can be the one that I adore, you can be my industry, see you working on the factory floor - and with the industrial electro executed throughout, it's almost like the Wall never came down.

The Modern embraces electro in their latest single Industry like Kraftwerk met 1980s electro pop with memorable hooks, robotic humour and emotive techno build ups.

Although, The Modern are modern for the 1960s, retro Berlin is quite cool in electro circles, but The Modern's weakness is retro post modern indulgings with an exercise in society looking back on itself and musing the history...

Available as per last time via a download only release.



out of 10
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