The Modern - Eastern Bloc EP

Theatrics are not lost in electro-pop. A wicked glam look, a story about boys and girls and their games in the sexual playground makes for a stylish stage show with a great tune to go with it.

The single on The Modern’s debut EP, Suburban Culture exemplifies the five–piece’s own interpretation of 80s electro ala Depeche Mode but threaded with Robert Smith vocal variations and XTC musings.

Since the Scissor Sisters, synthesizer cabaret has become so appealing, and The Modern are dripping in the new wave influences everyone has embraced as a sound of now. This EP, with slower electro track Model 426 and an Arts & Craft remix of Suburban Culture included, is available as a download only release across all networks (iTunes, Napster, OD2 etc) from 7th March 2005.



out of 10
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