The Little Ones - Sing Song EP

After the recent disappointment of the new Shins album, I get another chance to appraise some dreamy indie-pop from the States. The Little Ones all hail from the California sunshine and their music certainly reflects that. The Sing Song EP is full of bright melodies, pitch-perfect harmonies and songs dealing with the lighter side of life.

Their sound is somewhere between Ben Kweller and The Shins circa Chutes Too Narrow. Each of the seven songs bounce around with a youthful energy and vigour, there's nothing too serious about these songs and they just put a great big smile across your face. It's just a shame they've released it during a cold snap over here, if this came out during the summer it would soundtrack BBQ's and parties the country over, sipping warm lager with a burnt burger would be the perfect accompaniment to this songs.

Whilst their approach may not be entirely original, it's an enjoyable experience. Unlike the recent Shins effort which lacked a certain something, this is full of joy and good times. "Face The Facts" sounds like it could have come from Kweller's Sha Sha album, the rhythm section jumps around with suitably appropriate cowbell accompaniment and brings to mind Californian sunsets. "Heavy Hearts Bridge" might sound a little dark, but it's anything but. It's the stand out track here and left till last, it builds quietly into a chiming wall of sound full of guitars and keyboards, not unlike the recent Fields single, it then turns into something similar to Jimmy Eat World at their most pop-tastic with chugging guitars and a sing-a-long chorus. It's just such a great slice of pop music that it deserves not to get buried in the current music, as well as environmental, climate.



out of 10
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