The Lemon Twigs – Brothers of Destruction EP

After receiving widespread critical acclaim for their debut Do Hollywood in 2015, the brothers D’Addario are readying themselves to record their second album (rumored to be a concept album). But before then, there is a little housework to be done. This gives us their latest EP Brothers of Destruction, released in the run up to a string of headlining UK dates. With a handful of songs left over from the Do Hollywood sessions that have already worked their way into the group’s live set list, Michael and Brian set themselves up at their New York home with an 8-Track and little else to provide a full stop to The Lemon Twigs Do Hollywood era.

Musically and thematically, any one of the six tracks on the 30 minute EP could easily slot into the Long Island duo’s debut album with the same wistful and joyful collision of ideas beyond their youth (the brothers’ age range tops out at 20). The multi-instrumentalist brothers wear their influences very clearly on their sleeves recreating the pristine harmonies and kookiness of 60s groups such The Beach Boys, The Zombies and Captain Beefheart, and combining it with 70s Californian Soft Rock, and finally sprinkling it with a hefty amount of theatricality. The EP kicks off with the woozy fairground music of ‘Intro’ before segueing into bouncy 60s beach pop of ‘Why Didn’t You That?’. Other EP highlights include the stripped back Art Garfunkel-esque ‘Beautiful’, the disco rock ‘Night Song’, and the the floating ‘Light and Love’ rounding of the record.

There isn’t a duff track on the EP and, as noted earlier, any of these tracks could have made it onto Do Hollywood. Herein lies the issue. Overall, the EP feels disjointed as it feels like it should be building towards a climax that doesn’t arrive. They are beautiful tracks, and it is great that they decided to get them down on tape, but this feels like one for the completists. However, if this is The Lemon Twigs cleaning house then we should be awaiting their second album with baited breath.

Dominic Ross

Updated: Sep 22, 2017

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