The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Dirty Shirt Rock'N'Roll: The First Ten Years

We all know that Mount Eyjafjallajökull didn't actually erupt, right? We're all clear it was a cover up for first contact with alien life on earth, yeah? The mothership touched down and the little silver clad dude waddled his arse across the smoke-filled ramp. When he reached the end he gazed up at the joint chief of staff and looked him firmly in the eye as he punched some buttons on his translator – which promptly bleeped out a single question - "What is rock 'n' roll?". There was a murmur amongst the collected leaders of humanity, then one reached into his pocket and pulled out Dirty Shirt Rock'N'Roll: The First Ten Year by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Let the intergalactic party begin!

No other band sums up the pure primal energy of rock and roll better than this trio. A whooping, hollering and blaring hurricane of blistering noise so tight it will cut off your circulation yet so free that its search for enlightenment was solved by simply yelling "Turn that shit up".

This collection from the first 10 years of the Blues Explosion is generously loaded with 22 furious crescendoes of visceral and exciting tunes that forced the meter into the red and kept the whole town awake all night. Classic after classic literally pour from this compilation. From the God-fucking-damn footstomping 'Bellbottoms' to the brain twisting harmonica lead 'Shake 'Em On Down', it's a runaway freight train of fuzz that isn't going to stop until it has destroyed everything in sight. Only the Devil knows quite how many souls Spencer had to sacrifice at the crossroads for this level of musical mayhem – but it seems to have paid dividends.

If you are new to the JSBE prepared to be astounded. Those of you already smitten prepare to remind yourselves where that love affair started.





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