The House Of Love - Days Run Away

So they had some problems in the past and reformed again to eye rolls across the country, but in this album Days Run Away all is forgiven.

With a trademark sound that hasn’t aged a day there are 10 songs of comeback wonder here to make cynics lament that good bands have to break up at all.

Granted, as the Libertines of their day with manic depression, suicide attempts and nervous breakdowns marring any attempt to continue their critically acclaimed career, the timelessness expressed in their 1960s jangling over fine indie sensibilities they have released now proves to this little reviewer they are welcome back with open arms.

Starting with the indicative Love You Too Much the heavy indie opening juxtaposed with Guy Chadwick’s sensitive vocal delivery makes for a pop fun and stood strongly as a single in its own right. Yet it is the sublime Gotta Be That Way that the House of Love’s brilliance in embracing the sounds of the 60s they sound authentic of that time indeed.

Throughout the album where other 1960s charmers where the Beach Boys Pet Sounds influence rings true can be found in Wheels and Anyday I Want but more so in the subtle build ups found in Kinda Love, making for a pleasant and fulfilling listen.

When comebacks bring together experience learned without the bitterness of the past, a great piece of work can be created.



out of 10
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