The Hot Puppies - The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful

Welsh five piece The Hot Puppies have released quite a few singles previously, on a variety of different labels. Fronted by charismatic singer Becky Newman, The Hot Puppies formed in December 2000, taking their name from a Dorothy Parker poem. This however is their first single to Fierce Panda, who they have only recently signed to.

The lead song, "The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful", is a belter, a sublime pop song with loads of orginalilty. It opens with a clacking keyboard beat, Becky Newman singing her request to an agony aunt, until the guitars kick in and the chorus goes through the roof. This is an interesting song throughout, with a tight, rigid beat, and a brilliant middle eight of Pigeon Street drums. Quite fantastic stuff through and through.

Of the two b-sides, "Under the Crooked Moon" is the better song, with a cool, laid back tempo and loads of hammond organ soaking the song. It dips in waltz time, spinning around with a great vocal. "Just Like a Roman Candle, Joe" is also pretty good as well, another tight rythmn driving the song.

This is a single well worth getting - it has shades of Britpop Lush with loads of attitude. Here we have a smooth, clearly talented band who can knock out a great pop song or two.

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