The Glitterati - Here Comes A Close Up

Years ago, when Spiritualized were touring after the break-up of Spacemen 3, they played The Boardwalk in Manchester and the first of two support acts was a local band, picked up that day and offered a slot about 9 or thereabouts. 'course their mums, aunties and grandad showed up to cheer them on, only to find a room full of guys lying on the floor, so far stoned as to forget where their hips ended and their legs started. The band went down badly but their family must have thought they were great, playing The Boardwalk an' all.

The Glitterati are like that band, not necessarily very good but I'm sure their families love them. I'd say they're a bunch of good-looking guys and their attractive girlfriends sit by as their guys play songs like Here Comes A Close Up, thinking they're great despite having not heard any other music since picking a free CD off the front of Hello! Hell, in a band, you can still sound awful but whether it's the noise, the feel of playing a guitar or having to get stupid what with hanging around a drummer all day, you just don't realise it.

And that's The Glitterati. There's a bit of The Darkness...but not enough of their camp charm. There are moments on Gimme What's Yours that sound like Feeder's Buck Rogers...but without that chorus. In fact, there's a bit of everything but like being served a three-course meal all mixed up in a single bowl, that's not necessarily a good thing. The best song on the EP, You Need You, has got the dirty pop of Nancy Boy but without that band's complete surrender to androgynous rock.

Whilst never dreadful, rescued by that last track, this just doesn't have the cute rock of a Permission To Land, a Promosexual nor a Ziggy Stardust but You Need You at least goes some way to showing how things oughta go.



out of 10
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