The Futureheads - The Chaos

The Futureheaeds are back, thank God, here to save us form the pretentious, arty, over-blown sludge currently clogging up the airwaves. Using the woeful state of the nation as their manifesto, vocalist Barry Hyde and the boys get on their soapbox and tell it like it is. Strum and Drang has never been so much fun.

With its delicious blend of post-punk insolence and pop-rock fun The Chaos is like an open window in a stuffy room. Darker and edgier than its predecessors the album demonstrates the band's forward progression with a tighter and punchier sound while still retaining the unbridled passion characteristic in all their work. Starting off with a hearty "Five, four, three, two, one! Let's go!" the title track breaks in like a rowdy party crasher. The "pull-yourself-up by your DM-strings" 'Struck Dumb' follows showing off the band's lyrical brilliance: "Misery is a little line of a little dash / it's a subtraction sign / Happiness is a little cross / so if you're feeling lust / use it to add it up." The stupendous 'Heartbeat Song', already burning up the airwaves, stage-dives into the mix in all its punky-pop glory:'Your heartbeat song / is good but it's not the one/ we're singing out of tune / but I still want to sing with you." 'The Connector' marches in with Hyde's spark-plug vocals riding over the the music's frenzied pace, while the impotent rage of the Ramones flavoured 'I Can Do That' is sure to be one of the highlights of the live shows.

The album never lets up, it's one power-chord soaked track after the other. 'Sun Goes Down' carries on at a menacing pace: "The sun goes down and the double life begins / its a one-way ticket to the city of sin" culminating in eerie shouts and moans straight out of Dante's Inferno and 'This Is The Life' has all the sneer and loathing of punk wrapped in sugar-coated indie cool: "This is the life / this is what you have been waiting for!" The album ends with a big bang with the track 'Jupiter', the guys showing off their acapella talents. This is certain to get the mosh pit going. With its sudden time changes and crunchy guitar licks it's the perfect end to a pretty near perfect album (and keep your ears peeled for the first-rate hidden track).

The Chaos is by far the band's finest achievement, angry and menacing yet never forsaking the youthful quirkiness that is such a vital component to their sound. Two years is a long time to wait guys, but because this album is so good we forgive you.



out of 10

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