The Frank Popp Ensemble - The Swinging Library Sounds Of...

It’s mood music for a swinging summer evening wine party or the soundtrack to the Peter Sellers film The Party, either way big swirling retro fashions will be big this year when people get an earful of The Frank Popp Ensemble belting out the grooviest sounds since Mancini.

The spirit of the 60s are captured here in The Swinging Library Sounds of The Frank Popp Ensemble, and it’s easy to see that the septet hold onto the good bits such as Northern Soul, funk and R&B, circa 1960 – 72, while squelches, samples and sequences blend seamlessly for good measure.

Frank Popp himself has been obsessed with the sounds of the 60s most of his life and takes such passion all over the world with DJ dates in various international clubs, and together the Ensemble have produced tracks for hip adverts such as Pringles, Coca Cola, BMW, Audi , Baileys and many more, and it has been reported that the Ensemble perform spectacular live dates where it is imaginable that everyone gets carried away with the soulful spirit of their swinging music.

Things a Moog and a big vocal can do…. This EP is bound to inspire cage dancing, purchasing Morris Minis, and a renaissance of hip across the country. It has such an uplifting celebratory feel to the embracement of the retro that gives such a sense of style and cheeky eccentricity that it’s got to be bound for the stereos at the summer parties this 2005.




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