The Feeling - Rosé

The Feeling have not been kind to themselves in their choice of singles. Fill My Little World and Sewn aside, the last two singles have shown the darkest corners of their debut album, Twelve Stops and Home, both Never Be Lonely and especially Love It When You Call exposing their cheese for all to see. Shame then that they have chosen to release yet another single, and possibly the worst song on the album. Rosé is just pitiful, a hardly tolerable attempt at a perky ballad that is offensive in its weakness.

It is such a shame that rubbish like this gets thrown out onto the public when truly wonderful songs such as Strange and Helicopter remain in their shadow. There is nothing about this song that I like - the lyrics are lame, where they might as well be singing about a bottle of wine for all the effort that goes into it. The worrying thing about their choices for singles is how it might shape the second album. So lets have less of this nonsense and get back to the good stuff, please.

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