The Feeling - Fill My Little World

As much as it pains me to say it, for once I even have to agree with Chris Moyles - the new single from The Feeling is a little marvel, a wonderful piece of pop, and the perfect song to herald in the summer. This London based band scored a huge hit earlier in the year with Sewn and it seems likely that their new single, Fill My Little World, is going to go even better.

Full of jaunty piano and and foot stomping acoustic, this is pop at its best, a three and a half minute journey through the decades picking up all the best bits on the way. The harmonies of Silver Sun, the fun and vigour of Jellyfish, all with loads of charm and energy. Heck, it even sounds like Andrew Gold here and there!

Hopes are high for the album, due on in the first week of June. I think we can all forget about Orson now - here are the true contenders for this years pop crown.

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