The Features - Exhibit A

The best buddies of Kings of Leon have finally released this, Exhibit A their debut album. Following on from recent single (see more content below) and debut EP earlier this year.
Hailing from Sparta (Tennessee, USA) the Features are a cacophony of edgy yet at the same time modern ‘Pop Rock’.
Starting off with the title track of the LP, Exhibit A, which pretty much trail-blazes the sound for the rest of the album which in a nutshell is half new-wave, half garage rock. The first thing you notice is the contrast of raw vocals against the warmth of the guitars and hidden deep in the mix sharp organ sounds. The second track on the LP The way its meant to be while still sounding similar to the title track has an almost Thermals edge to it, with its stabbing guitar and drum lines. The album carries on the optimistic attitude to the genre which is a refreshing change, with lyrics like “If you’re happy and you know it, turn the volume up and blow it out track ‘Blow it Out’, which while sounding rather odd on paper, works remarkably well in the song.
The album peaks around track 8 The Idea of Growing Old, which oddly enough sounds like a cross between Dire Straits and the Beatles (yes, if that’s even possible!), the vocal talents of Matthew Pellam really shine here, with his combination of soft sounding loveliness and emotional choral effects combined.
The CD ‘finishes’ on the track Circus, with the ironic lyrics of “hold on, cos the end is coming soon, it wont be long. It’s a spectacular end to the album.
However… The story doesn’t end there! Us lucky UK’ers get two bonus tracks just for living in Blighty in the form of the excellent ‘Kari-Ann’ and the guitar flexingly ace ‘Dark Room’.

Exhibit A is a stunning debut album, and one the Tennessee lads should be proud of. Expect future greatness.

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