The Features - Blow It Out

Hailing from Sparta, Tennessee, The Features, release ‘Blow It Out’, the new single to be taken from their forthcoming album ‘Exhibit A’.

Propelling garage rock with a new wave slant seems to be their forte. The high-strung vocal style of the singer leads the radio friendly vibe of this song. Retro organ melodies and garagey guitar riffs abound, the excellent chorus of ‘Blow It Out’ will have you humming it for days after.

Given the current crop of bands mining the early eighties for nuggets of songs to revamp themselves and call their own, The Features sound fresh, even while aping a dated music style. 'Blow It Out' is an expertly crafted whirlygig of sounds rolled up into a distinctive dizzying concoction for the listener.

The band's forthcoming album ‘Exhibit A’ is a good one where any one of the tracks on it could be released as a single.

Clap your hands; ‘Blow It Out’ is a winning single by The Features.



out of 10
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