The Early Years - So Far Gone

There's always something particularly joyous about hearing something new, fresh and captivating on the radio. One night a week I manage to catch Zane Lowe's show on Radio 1 and this particular Tuesday night I happened to catch The Early Years. So mesmerised was I by the track that I stopped my car just to ensure I could note down the band name for future reference. Imagine my surprise then when their single dropped on my doorstep last week. Result!

This is what good indie music is all about; music that moves away from what's considered the norm, the mainstream and fusing together different sounds and ideas. This is precisely what The Early Years have done here. Seemingly influenced in equal measures by Krautrock, shoe-gazing and psychedelia there's plenty of ambition here. From the opening fuzzed up chords and slightly processed beats there's the lo-fi vocals that sound like they've been recorded in a barn somewhere and remind me of Lou Barlow's Folk Implosion experiments. But there's also the sliding guitar just echoing from left to right on your speakers and it builds like something The Verve did back when they wrote tunes. The added bonus about this is that it sounds even better LOUD.

The b-sides hint at other avenues that they may eventually go down; "Rats" a slow acoustic number that builds to something altogether bigger and more brooding which segues into "So Far Gone Pt II" which is almost a vocal-less remix of the single - all fuzz, beats and electronic feedback. Great stuff.

It's on iTunes and I can't think of a better way of spending 79p. In fact you can even have a sneaky listen on their myspace site first.




out of 10
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