The Earlies - Bring it Back Again

There’s something special about The Earlies, in the same kind of way The Shins have won me over. Its appeal may be due to the ethereal and transcendent nature of the gentle harmonies or it could be the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds influence shared by both.

The sensitive melody of The Earlies in Bring It Back Again is like The Shins because, as evident in both bands, their balanced songs seems to have a reflection of nature whether present in the lyrics or present in the purity of the harmonies.

Delivering their fine folk strummings is the four-piece from Manchester and Texas. The likeminded individuals formed and refined their band by way of sending copies of their ideas on tape across the Atlantic, perfecting it and sending it back.

This unusual approach seems to bring something special out of Bring It Back Again as it exudes uniqueness that other quiet indie bands such as The Shins or Yo La Tengo embody -- a delicate touch and a lot of sensitive soul.



out of 10
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