The Cure - End Of The World

Robert Smith has it that he'll be remembered not as the goth who recorded Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography but as the pop star who was on Top Of The Pops with Friday I'm In Love and The Lovecats. That may well be true, at least for those who only take the briefest of notice of the charts but getting Ross Robinson in to produce your latest album is unlikely to lead to a run of pop success.

It's still in The Cure's nature to mix pop with goth, however, and even amongst the rock of their latest album, a pop song like The End Of The World slips through. There's never the feel, however, of this being a great Cure song to stand alongside Close To You in much the same way as The Cure is not one of the band's great albums but this single, well, isn't bad. Smith can do better, and should, but in such a long career, he can be forgiven for moments in which he does no more than hold his position. The End Of The World is one of those moments and whilst it's unlikely to have the capital's cabbies whistling its approximation of a tune, it'll do for the moment.



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