The Concretes - You Can't Hurry Love

There is nothing in any of the descriptions that The Concretes have applied to or offered about themselves that suggests they are a pop group but with this one song, possibly the best single this year, that's all The Concretes are.

If Stereolab will be remembered for French Disko, being their best song, so The Concretes have recorded a charging pop/disco song that swaps strings and soul for organ, guitar and Victoria Bergsman's sweet vocals, producing a rush of blissful pop that's as innocent as The Cardigans' Emmerdale. Far from being twee, however, You Can't Hurry Love has all the bump of The Ronettes as played by the New York garage bands of the late-sixties, recording a Wall Of Sound with the most basic of instruments.

Available on a range of formats but heard best on their forthcoming album, where it bursts out of the gritty pop around it, this is a wonderful song but it will only be another and more sympathetic time and place that would reward it as it deserves.




out of 10
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