The Common Redstarts - Killing Street

This is the debut release from "The Common Redstarts", released on a limited edition 7" vinyl edition. These four lads from Edinburgh are signed to London based label Seeca Records, and have already picked up a bit of interest on Indie radio station XFM and Radio 6.

A-side "Killing Street" certainly packs a punch, a snappy piece of power punk with plenty of bite. Thumping drums and bass pound this song forward with a screechy vocal and guitar part making this a pretty intense piece of music. Restless and twitchy, its has an old Indie charm to it, reminicient of "Rollercoaster" era Jesus and Mary Chain.

Flipside "Angel-Eyed Friend" though couldn't be more different. A much more sedate affair, it takes Indie to the mid-90's, with echos of Cast and Oasis. Its not as good as "Killing Street", but still has plenty going for it in its own right.

For a debut, this is pretty interesting, and hopefully in the future there will be more good stuff to come from The Common Redstarts.



out of 10
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