The Cardinals - All Talk / All Messed Up

So apparently the word Cardinal comes from the latin Cardo, which means a hinge, something of fundamental importance. The Cardinals are a band who seem to have a huge opinion of themselves, inviting their followers to come and worship, that the masses will see them for who they are and refer to them with respect. They are even planning a tour of "places of worship" to promote this, their debut single. And it seems to be working - they are picking up a bit of radio airplay at the moment, most notably by Steve Lamacq on Radio 6 who has already played this, their debut single due to be released as a limited 7" in mid July.

These two songs sound very earnest and heartfelt, a slightly less whimsical My Vitriol or an up to date Chapterhouse. They have a distinct early 90's feel to them, with juddering guitar riffs and plenty of echo. Of the two songs, All Talk is the better, a monster guitar line carrying through the song with a very indie-boy vocal. Second track All Messed Up brings to mind Kitchens of Distinction, full of fiery guitars and a rise into the chorus.

For a debut, its ok, and if you want a copy you better be quick as there are only going to be 500 of them. This is reasonably good, but at the moment nothing to get wildly excited about. But I'll hang onto my promo copy just in case...



out of 10
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