The Cadillac Three – Legacy

It’s turning out to be quite the roller coaster ride with The Cadillac Three. After their storming debut, 2014’s self titled effort, they dropped the ball somewhat with 2016’s tame Bury Me In My Boots with its focus on standard issue girls and beer. Well, the good news for fans of long haired, country rocking is that Legacy is a return to form. And then some.

The focus this time is on good time rocking, like ‘Tennessee” and its “Get out the vinyl girl / Put old Sturgill on” chorus, the self-affirming ‘American Slang’ and ‘Ain’t That Country’, another of the band’s unapologetic songs about their roots. And really, no-one does unapologetic like TC3. Add to that songs that mean something, ‘Hank & Jesus’ calls on the dual totems of the American south (“Thank Daddy for Hank / Thank Momma for Jesus / Between the vinyl and the Bible / It was everything ever needed”) and the low slung groove of ‘Take Me To The Bottom’ and you’ve got some potency.

What’s key to the success of Legacy are the melodies and lyrics. The trio have hit on a real southern sound that mixes stories and riffs, attitude and a certain breeziness. How to sum up such a record then? Well: ‘Long Hair Don’t Care’.

Max Mazonowicz

Updated: Sep 07, 2017

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