The Broken Family Band - Hello Love

On first few listens, Hello Love, the fourth LP from Cambridge's The Broken Family Band, sounds quite the generic low-key indie album. Persist, however, and you'll find these songs are of a solid quality that belie the band's unknown status.

The lyrics, slightly bookish musings on love and relationships, stick out as well above par. Leaps is a celebration of giddy desire and shagging ("with love on the tips of your fingers from the afternoon when we made the air turn blue…"), while You Get Me is about hitting it off with someone out of your league (the punch line, if you like, being "she says, 'you picked me and you get me so mister don't fuck up'"). And that's not the end of the clever stuff here if you pay attention to the words.

Musically, the album ranges from the gentle and country-inflected (see Give And Take) to the rocky (see Love Your Man, Love Your Woman), and there's a good chance many of these tunes will worm their way into your head over time. It's a shame then that The Broken Family Band probably won't have an appreciably bigger audience by LP number five, for Hello Love is a fine record.



out of 10
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