The Bravery - An Honest Mistake

The mania surrounding The Bravery continues with ‘An Honest Mistake’, their official debut single.

Constant touring and word-of-mouth has created quite a stir surrounding the band who at the start of the year had the insurmountable tag of 'being one of the bands to look out for in 2005'. They're about to overcome the baggage that comes with that tag with the release of this single and their forthcoming eponymously titled album.

Are they worthy of the hype?

'An Honest Mistake' starts with a thumping drumbeat together with some pulsating disco bass-lines and careering keyboard riffs. Some fuzzy guitar-led delivery reminiscent of The Strokes completes the music aspect of the song. The singer, Sam Endicott adds some despairing vocals before everything culminates in a soaring and infectious chorus. The ice cream van-like synth sounds are still evident although not as much as they were in their last single ‘Unconditional’.

This song has ‘hit’ written all over it. It’s nothing new though, nor is it cutting edge, it's more cutting retro if there is such a thing. If the success of The Killers has opened doors for bands like The Bravery to come through, then this is what the record buying public are going to get, an influx of these identikit bands. The inevitable popularity of The Bravery will further compound this. Is this such a bad thing? Who knows? CD Times will be there to review them.

2005 will establish the band to the point where they will probably achieve the same level of impact as The Killers with the potential for further success only restricted by how far they want to go, the machinations behind them and whether the record buying public warms to them, which going by their tours selling out and audiences going wild for them, they already have.



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