The Boy Least Likely To - Be Gentle With Me

Two words: James Blunt. They're enough to strike terror into the heart of many a music fan, aren't they? Yet the most frequently quoted fact about The Boy Least Likely To is that they've spent time as a support act for Blunty. I think 99% of us will agree it's not the best way to gain credibility. Thankfully they are better than this suggests, although people sensitive to 'twee' should only take in small doses. Be Gentle With Me, previously released in 2003 as a limited 7", is a gorgeous little pop song with glockenspiel, banjo and lyrics about being scared of spiders. One for those days when even Belle and Sebastian seem a bit heavy.

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The band will also be playing the following dates in April 2006:
19th April London Kings College
20th April The Barfly, Cardiff
22nd April Leicester
23rd April Joseph Wells, Leeds
29th April Barrrow in Furness - The Canteen Media and Arts Centre
30th April Manchester



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