The Boxer Rebellion - All You Do is Talk

The passion and power of the 22-20s resonates in The Boxer Rebellion’s latest single, All You Do is Talk. It has the angst-ridden blues sensibilities yet erodes away like a demon is chewing out its insides and spitting it into the dark netherworlds.

The sound is as if the 22-20s went gothic, and with lead singer Nathan Nicholson’s tortured wail howling over crescendoing symbol infused drum beats and elongated minor riffs, it creates a soundscape that if visible would be covered in a dark misty fog.

Yet as it ends so abruptly without letting us feel the entire torture it dares to dish, it dangers itself in being too emotionally artsy for its own good – becomes more like a tantrum rather than something of real concern, if you will.

However, available as a 99p (this week only) download release, it is worth a listen.

For details on where to download go to The Boxer Rebellion's hompages:



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